5 Fun First Dates for the Fall Season

As fall begins there many opportunities for events and activities, below are 5 suggestions which can make for enjoyable first dates. So make this a fall to remember and have some fun.

#1 Hiking

As temperatures fall and leaves begin to change, this a great time of year to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. In central Virginia, we are fortunate to have parts of the Appalachian Trail and many other mountain range hikes (https://www.traillink.com)  in close proximity. If mountains are above your intensity level, there are other hikes along the river and in state and local parks. Hikes can be chosen based on your fitness level and can a be short/easy or long/challenging to accommodate almost every interest.

These hikes give you and your date lots of uninterrupted time to have easy conversation and get to know each other, while allowing for quiet times that would seem awkward in a stationary setting.


Pack plenty of snacks and water for the day. As an upgrade, pack a cooler and/or picnic basket for a nice finishing touch to your day.

#2: Festivals

Fall is the time for fairs and festivals ( blog.virginia.org/2017/08/virginia-fall-festivals/ ). There are so many choices here. State fairs (http://www.statefairva.org/), art and music festivals are all held during this time of year. These events are, again, easy ways to get out and enjoy the fall weather and provide plenty of talking points to discover common interest with quiet points in between stages, booths or activities for conversation.


Pick times and/or days when crowds will be lighter and you will have time and space to enjoy one another and the events.

These events can have limited food options. Have a light meal prior to attending, if you are particular about the food you eat. Some events allow for coolers or outside food and beverage. In this case, pack a cooler bag with food that will provide the energy you need while not causing the stomach irritation a fried oreo might cause.

#3 Vineyards

For all the wine lovers, this is a great time of year for a visit to any of our local vineyards (https://www.virginiawine.org/ ).  Vineyards represent a nice opportunity to relax and get to know one another in a more casual environment. Offerings can include food service, live music and wine tastings.


Check the event calendar for specific vineyards of interest for special events planned for the day of your visit.

While most vineyards offer inside and outside seating, it is best to confirm weather conditions the day before you go. Many of these venues are in mountain areas and the weather can vary enough to be uncomfortable, if you are not prepared.

#4 Breweries

Much like vineyards (although typically with more energy), breweries (https://www.virginia.org/craftbeer ) offer great opportunities to enjoy live music, tastings and food. Most breweries have fall brews to bring out flavors and feelings of the season. If you want to make a full day of it, there are several craft brew trails in Virginia ( https://www.virginia.org/beertrails/) with various numbers of breweries within miles of one another. Make it a great day and enjoy a flight!


As with vineyards, check the event calendars and local at breweries in the area you wish to visit. There may be live music or other schedule events at specific breweries you will want to target as plan your day.

We recommend a Beer Hound Brewery (http://www.beerhoundbrewery.com/ ) in Culpeper.  Beer Hound consistently wins awards in the annual craft brew competition and Culpeper is a nice day trip with several nice restaurants. On Saturdays, Beer Hound and several other venues within walking distance have live music, providing for a variety of entertainment options.

#5 Beach

Yes, the beach. While thoughts of tanning in the summer sun may come to mind when we think of the beach, fall can be a very nice time to visit. The weather can be cool, but the crowds are much smaller and a quiet walk on the beach can be much more enjoyable. Additionally, many of the shops and restaurants are still open early in the fall with ocean view seating easier to secure. Several festivals and or events are generally scheduled around the beachfront during this time and can be fun to attend, but parking and traffic outside of those dates are much more manageable.


Again, check the weather. It can be quite cool with the winds coming off the ocean.

Not all retail or restaurant locations will be open year round, check listings if there are specifics spots you would like to visit.

Whatever you do this fall, make the season unique and memorable. These types of dates will get your relationship headed in the right direction or might help you realize that you haven’t yet found “the one.”

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