A New Year – A New Relationship

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‘Tis the season for reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new. For resolutions to change our lives for the better… and perhaps to finally find that special someone who adds the spark and spice that’s been missing.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.”I find that many singles make this their New Year’s resolution,” observed Carrie Daichman, the empathetic, friendly face of It Takes 2, which caters to busy professionals of all ages in central Virginia. And it’s been given the Best of Richmond Award in the Dating Services category for the past two years by the U.S. Commerce Association. “People are ready to seek out the right person.

But that’s easier said than done. “Exhausting, frustrating, disappointing … this is how searching for a relationship felt for me,” said Maggie L. “After hours, days and months of filtering through contacts and “winks,” I end up going through many dates…only to be disappointed by people who are not as they represented themselves, physically and otherwise. UGH!”

And that’s where It Takes 2 stands out from the rest. It doesn’t use the typical online profiles and pictures where, as Carrie pointed out, “you don’t know who you’re meeting on the other end of the computer.”

Instead, Carrie relies on face-to-face conversations with each client, so she gets to know them on a more personal level. “We talk about their history, relationships and experiences. My ability…my sense of intuitiveness—developed through nearly 20 years of doing this… allows me to help identify a person’s long-term relationship goals and help them find a compatible match.”

And clients appreciate the personal, empathetic service.”I was a little nervous. I’d never done anything like this before,” admitted Jennifer M. “But Carrie is such a wonderful person, caring and sincere and wonderful to work with. I really trusted her.”

After our first interview, she said ‘I have a person in mind that I think you’ll really like.’ And she was right. George and I met last January and our first date was four hours long. We knew right then it was meant to be.

“Sometimes, though, the most compatible match is a bit unexpected, said Maggie L.
“Don and I met in October. I don’t know that he would have been my typical match. But he is perfect for me someone who is serious about a relationship…and someone that I would not have found or realized on my own was perfect for me.”

“It’s about emotions and a person’s heart,” Carrie said, “I help clients open their eyes to other possibilities – to think outside the box. Everyone has different relationship goals, and they might change.”Jim P. is a good example of that. He’s 83 years old and lost both his wife and daughter two years ago within the space of a few months. He was just looking for a friend. “I wanted someone to talk to, and travel with and not be lonely.”

But when Carrie matched him with 73-year-old Grace, “It was like a bolt of lightning struck. It’s more than companionship. I’m like a teenager in love.” Since they met in May, Jim and Grace have been to Graceland, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, the Greenbrier in West Virginia and Branson, Missouri. And they’re getting ready to head for Boston. And he says it’s all thanks to Carrie. “She really works with you so well. It’s done so professionally and privately.

“That’s the secret to It Takes 2’s success”, Carrie said.”A computer has a hard drive, not a heart. It can’t empathize with an individual. My service is very personalized. I work with living, breathing individuals and I really care about each of them.”

couple kissing on New Years EveHer clients agree. Maggie L. said, “Carrie’s is a very personal service and there’s a high level of trust. I have a relationship first with Carrie, then she helps me find a relationship. And with Carrie, they’re all good possibilities.”

No wonder the buzz about Carrie and It Takes 2 is spreading throughout Richmond and environs. “I get a lot of clients through word-of-mouth. From men and women I’ve successfully worked with. From people with single friends and loved ones who want a relationship but aren’t finding it at online dating sites or the bar scene.

Carrie Daichman and It Takes 2.

It could be the start of something great in the new year.


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