Attention Men! Dating Fashion Explained

You have the first date planned, but now what? Obviously, you must look great for it! First impressions are key in dating since most women are going to form some type of opinion of you in the first few minutes of your date. It’s not that they are superficial; it’s human nature. How can you be prepared? Put your best foot (well, outfit actually) forward based on the type of date. Nail the first impression and you can let your personality shine!

Style Options Defined

There are 3 basic styles to consider when dressing for the occasion: casual, business casual and formal. If your date calls for casual attire, this does not mean your options are endless but it does leave you with more comfortable attire available. Don’t think Saturday morning comfortable though, since you still want to make a great first impression. Lighter colors, including bolds and patterns are considered more casual than darker colors or blacks that are considered more formal. Collarless shirts are also fine to wear, but should be clean, in good condition (not faded, torn or frayed) and wrinkle-free. Opt for smooth fabrics and leather shoes that will increase the appeal of your casual outfit. Sneakers (not athletic shoes) are fine for casual dates, but make sure they look nice. Business casual dress can range from a polo shirt or button down and dark jeans, dress pants or slacks (khakis or black trousers). You should tuck in your shirt and wear a nice leather belt. You can improve the look even more with a blazer and nice loafers but avoid sneakers. For a more formal occasion wear a nice suit with a white buttoned down dress shirt and a tie. Wear black dress shoes and nice dress socks.

Know the Setting

It’s important to dress for the occasion. Know the setting of your date and what is appropriate attire. If you are meeting for a coffee or lunch date or going out to a casual restaurant and movie, casual attire is recommended. For an evening at a nicer restaurant, opt for more business casual attire to impress. Formal wear should be worn for dates to the theater, ballroom dancing or other formal dancing, white or black tie events, or upscale restaurants.

What your style says about you

What you wear plays a part in how people see you. Wearing neutral clothing and colors usually means that you are avoiding any attention and trying to fit in with the crowd. Wearing clothes that are too large and ill fitting will give off the vibe that you are insecure or trying to hide parts of your body. These are things you want to avoid on dates because you want to appear confident and sexy to your date. Wear properly fitted clothing and colors that stand out or show confidence. Casual dates allow you to wear more bold colors that can make you look more appealing, whereas more business casual or formal dates can make you look sexy with dark colors and suits. Whatever you wear based on the occasion, put your own personality into your outfit to make you stand out to your date.

Wardrobe Necessities

Every man needs a flexible wardrobe so you are ready for every date. It’s the worst feeling to have a great date planned but to look in your closet and not have the appropriate outfit. Some common staple wardrobe pieces will have you prepared for any date. Have casual attire such as clean and nice looking sneakers, dark jeans, khakis, nicer shirts with and without collars and sweaters. Include business casual outfits in your wardrobe, like leather shoes (laces are best), a couple pairs of wool slacks (dark gray or black), collared button down shirt, sweaters and a nice sport coat. For formal wear, a well-fitted suit and tie, matching leather belt and lace up shoes will work well.

Hire a Professional

You may be thinking, this is great advice but I need more help! Many dating services have packages that include a style coach that can help with selecting outfits for casual, business casual and formal dates, along with picking styles and colors that look best on you. If you are missing the style gene, having a professional on your side can increase your odds of making the first impression. You will also pick up tips and tricks to use in the future. While clothes don’t define a person, they do make or break a first impression, so it’s important to look your best on every date! After all, this date could lead to the next and possibly a long-term relationship. Every date counts.

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