Casual Date

Making plans to meet somewhere during the day while you are dressed nicely.

Casual Attire

A casual date does not mean a low effort date. Think business casual. Putting effort into looking nice shows the other person that you are trying to make a good first impression.


Clean, well fitting, not frayed pants. Date jeans and gardening jeans are completely different things. Do NOT wear old ill fitted work jeans on a date.

On Time

At least 15 minutes early.


A place where you go to actually consume food, not just look at it. No one wants to go to dinner and find out that the other person is “not hungry” it defeats the purpose of dinner.

The Bill

Something that needs to be taken care of in an appropriate manner. There is not need to make the situation awkward. If you wan to pay for the two of you go ahead and say so. If you want to split the bill it is nice to establish that before the date so no one is offended.

Good conversation

An equal exchange of conversation where you listen to each other and respond accordingly. Do not make a speech or interview the other person. Tell stories and listen to the other persons stories.

Out to Dinner

When you go out in the evening dressed in business casual or nicer attire. Will usually last longer than a casual date.


An attraction that may not be present on a first date. Sometimes a spark comes out of nowhere and other times a spark will develop between two people.

Phone Etiquette

When you are on a date your phone should not be used. It belongs in a purse, pocket, or face down on the table. Checking your phone for any reason will be seen as rude and tells your date that you are not interested in them.

Bad Mood

If you have had a bad day you need to leave your mood at home or in your car. Listen to a song that makes you happy and then go inside and smile at your date. Positive energy is the key to a successful date.

I had a good time

If this is said in person, over the phone or in a text then that person is interested in seeing you again. Make sure if you would like to go out again that you respond letting them know you would like that and then suggest a day/ time to meet. Take initiative.

Going out for drinks

Drinking too much on a first date is not a good look. Limit yourself to 1-2 drinks and make sure that you consume some bar food. Pace yourself and only order drink #2 if your date wants one as well.

Be your best self

When you meet someone for the first time you should put your best foot forward. Remember your basic manners, dress well and engage the other person in appropriate conversation.

An Appropriate Sharer

Things to not share: Crazy family drama, stories about your ex, ingrown hairs, pimples, dissatisfaction with work or strong political beliefs. They do not make for a nice first date.

Bad Date

When someone shows little interest in the other person and makes them feel like they are wasting everyone’s time.

Not Clicking

When one or both people cannot see the date turning into a relationship. It happens, do not let it ruin your day or your dating life. If every first date went well then we would all be in relationships.


Something that everyone is aware of. If you are on a dating budget make sure that you know how much things cost at different places and be prepared. Pick a restaurant where you feel comfortable with the pricing. Do not comment on prices while you are on a date.

Running late

When someone does not plan well or there is an unforeseeable incident. Call or text your date to let them know that you will be running late and keep them updated. No one wants to sit alone for 30 minutes thinking they’ve been stood up.

Texting & Tone

When you are just getting to know someone you will have a very difficult time reading the tone in their texts. Phone calls allow the other person to get a feel for how you speak and your overall personality. Try to limit texting until you have met in person a couple of times.


Internet stalking someone before a date is not a good look. A brief look at someone’s profile is fine, but if you know everything about them then you will have very little to talk about on your date. Knowing the names of the other person’s family members will freak them out, and rightfully so.

No Chemistry

When you go on a date and there is not connection between the two of you. This does not mean the date has to be a disaster. Stay positive and have a nice conversation.

Be Clear

Make plans, confirm the plans and then let the other person know that you are on your way to where you decided to meet. Try your best to not reschedule a first date so be aware of your schedule.

Leading with negativity

When someone puts something or someone down to start a conversation. You don’t know each other well enough to make negative statements and have it go well. You could say something negative about a state, city, school or sports team and ruin the date before it even starts. Being negative is not an impressive quality.