Dating in the 21st Century

Oh, the times have changed! Technology has advanced so much in the last couple of decades, creating a fast paced world with the need for instant gratification. There’s less face-to-face interaction and even fewer phone calls. People are texting each other or connecting through social media rather than having real interactions. Dating has been significantly impacted by technology over the last 20 years.

Google anyone lately?

Technology has given daters a way to look into a potential date’s life in the comfort of their own home. You can peruse through a date’s social life in a matter of minutes or check out their background by just typing in their name. Regrettable photos or social media posts are available to be seen by any potential suitor. A recent investigation by 8 News ( looked into pre-date googling, which is researching individuals before a first date. The investigation included a survey by JDP, indicating that most people are pre-date googling, with 88 percent of people surveyed admitting to having researched a date and two thirds research on a regular basis. Most of the research involves pictures, videos and social media, although a local paralegal interviewed admitted that people have come to her to perform extensive background checks on potential dates. In one instance, her client was being “catfished” by a suitor who really didn’t exist. Forgo the pre-date googling and use a local matchmaker if you are looking for a real love story.

Online Dating

Online dating websites and apps have gained popularity over the last couple of decades. If someone admitted to meeting “online” 20 years ago, they would most likely have been embarrassed, but now it’s considered the norm. In this world of instant gratification, daters want to find “love” now, but according to, it can take an average of 11 hours of searching through dating profiles and sites before finding a potential date with someone you connect with. Daters can also misrepresent their profiles with incorrect information or old or misleading photos. “Catfishing” ( is also a common practice that happens to daters online, where they are investing time and effort into a relationship with an individual who is actually another person. Daters looking for a serious connection can meet with a local matchmaker to do the work for them and screen all clients that could be possible dates.

Casual Dates

In 2019, first dates often start with coffee or a light lunch instead of dinner. In our fast paced world, daters want to maximize time, effort and money. There are far more options for dating in today’s world. Fun dates can include visiting local breweries, wineries, cultural events or even live music. These kinds of dates can be more fun and allow for a more natural flow of conversation. While dating options have changed, so have attitudes and expectations. Two decades ago it was largely expected that the man would pay for the date, but things have changed. Sometimes daters opt to go dutch (each date paying for his or her own bill). Daters each have their own set of values, so this concept is fluid and can constantly change depending on individual preferences.

Some things never change

Dating is definitely very different in 2019, but some things about dating never change. A date is still two people looking for a special connection. Each person has a desire for a lasting relationship or companionship. Daters are looking for someone to share experiences, to be heard and to be understood.

When it comes to dating, so many things have changed. We live in a completely different world than 20 years ago. That being said, some things stay the same. Daters are still looking for a deep connection, but the tools have changed. Online websites and apps can help daters find potential mates, but the investment time can be much more than they expected. Online daters are most likely looking at superficial qualities. If you are looking for your own love story, a local matchmaker can help take many of the normal obstacles out of looking for that connection. After all, your next relationship could be your last with the help of an experienced matchmaker.


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