Dating in your 30’s

If you are dating in your 30’s, you are most likely experiencing excitement, anxiety and/or a host of other emotions. Whether you are single after a long-term relationship, a divorcee or have been on a dating hiatus, you may find dating to be much different than it was in your 20’s many. Keep the following in mind as you re-enter the dating scene.

Practice patience

Dating can be challenging and people in their 30’s typically have more responsibilities and less free time than in their 20’s. Exhibiting patience as you get know a person’s background, can make all the difference in getting off to a good start. Dating in your 30’s may introduce you to people that are coming in with more varied life experiences (good and bad) and life demands. Providing grace the same grace that you would hope for and seeing the things from someone else’s perspective, can reduce the anxiety of a first introduction and make you more attractive, as well.

You have the right to be particular

Time is valuable and you realize this more as you get older. In your 30’s, the dating field is different than it was in your 20’s, and you have the right to want what you want. In your 20’s you were more excited about the “experiences”. In your 30’s you may have a desire to be more selective with your dates, as you may feel a sense of urgency around life and career goals. Your deal breakers have probably changed, and you are most likely more aware of what you want in a significant other.

Forgo bitterness

As the saying goes, you catch more bees with honey? Well, the same rule applies in dating. Ditch the bitter and opt for kindness. Dating in your 30’s means you have more experience,but you may also bring some “baggage” from your past relationships. Tip: Let it go! Use your past experiences as a guide towards what you do or don’t want out of your next relationship, but limit their negative impact your new dating experiences. Each introduction is an opportunity to learn more about you and should be seen as a fresh start. Be open to new experiences and create a clean slate for your love life. Only then will the right person be able to fit in your life.

Different obstacles

Dating in your 30’s means that possible suitors could be in similar or very different points in their lives. Some adults are still continuing their education or may be less stable in their careers. Some are ready to get married and start a family, while some may have children already. With so many different goals, it’s hard to know exactly what your date is looking for until you get into the more serious conversations. Working with a local matchmaker can provide dates based on your social goals.

Have you ever been married?

In your 20’s, this was not a common question, but in your 30’s it is more common. The dating pool is more diverse in that you are meeting people who are divorced or those who have never been married. Be open to starting relationships with people who have varied experiences and appreciating them for what they might bring to the relationship.

Changing social scene

Your 20’s may have been filled with a different social scene than your 30’s. Late nights out may not be as late and your activity preferences may have changed. Additionally, what you are looking for in a partner may have changed. As people are getting married later than ever before and focusing on careers and advanced education, more individuals are entering their 30’s with an added emphasis in this area of their life, but with a more limited social circle. So where do you meet people? A local match maker can help find potential dates that fit your dating criteria. Let someone else do the groundwork for you!


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