Dating in your 40’s

Dating in your 40’s can bring on a host of new emotions. You may be entering this new phase in your life after a long-term relationship, a divorce or a dry spell in your dating life. Keep in mind that dating in your 40’s brings new experiences than dating in your 30’s. These experiences can be exciting and bring on anxiety at the same time! Remember the following as you experience dating in your 40’s.

Give grace and patience

Dating in your 40’s requires patience and grace, which most individuals expect in return. Everyone is at different points in their lives, so it’s important to remember that 40 is not the same for you as it is for other daters. Be patient with new people that enter your life; give the same patience that you would expect in return, since you never know what other people are experiencing in their lives. Doing so will reflect positively on you as a person, which is an appealing and attractive quality that others look for in a potential mate. It’s also important to be open with communication. Don’t let a bad first impression keep you from dating a possible suitor. Remember, everyone is coming in from different backgrounds, and it’s important to give others the chance to get to know you. If a date didn’t turn out well, do the other person a favor and be honest. This open communication could lead to a better second date or the decision to part ways.

Financial stability

Of the many positives of dating in your 40’s, one important one is financial stability. Some people in their 30’s are struggling with debt that many individuals in their 40’s do not have. In the world of dating, financial stability may give potential daters more opportunities to afford more extravagant dates or the flexibility to travel or offer other exciting experiences. Having more financial stability may also equal less stress for many. Not having the extra stress can help daters in their 40’s relax and open up to possible dates. Women are also more independent and financially stable on their own, allowing them for freedom to be particular about what they are looking for.


In your 20’s and 30’s, you are focusing on establishing your career. By your 40’s, that career is typically established, giving you more confidence in your professional life, which can make establishing yourself in the social scene easier. A confident man or woman is very appealing to other singles.


In your 40’s, you have more focused hobbies which typically involve your social circle. These hobbies can lead to a connection with possible suitors that would never have existed in your 30’s.

Past relationships

In your 40’s you will most likely encounter a wide range of people with varied experiences. You will meet a variety of people including those who have been married before or in long-term relationships that ended recently. Remember that we all have a past that can impact our future relationships positively or negatively. Everyone will also have differing opinions on what information they should disclose about these previous relationships. It’s important to be open and honest and come to those decisions with potential suitors, based on both of your preferences.


Dating in your 40’s means that potential dates have children of different ages. These children could be a major part of everyday life or maybe older and off on their own. Some people in their 40’s may have younger children, which could be a potential dealbreaker. It’s important to go into the dating field knowing that these are possibilities and to decide what you are on board with.

Change in the social scene

In your 40’s the social scene is changing. The social scene is winding down and goals are more family oriented. Whether this is because you or other daters have children or because you want them, it’s a different shift in pace than in your 30’s. Finding opportunities to meet others can be more difficult if you are not expanding your social circle. Where do you meet potential mates? A local matchmaker can help you define your dating criteria and set you up with dates that you would not have found otherwise. Matchmakers can help with many aspects of the dating process and serve as a guide through the obstacles of dating in your 40’s!


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