Dating in your 50’s

If you are dating in your 50’s, you may be in unknown territory. While dating is most likely not new to you, dating in your 50’s is much different than other decades of your life. Whether you have experienced a divorce, the end of a long-term relationship, or you’ve just been out of the dating scene for years, these new experiences can bring on anxiety, excitement and many other overwhelming emotions. Keep the following in mind if you are dating in your 50’s.

Give grace and patience

We have all been through our own share of experiences, so it’s importance to practice patience as you maneuver through your dating encounters. You cannot assume that others in their 50’s have been through the same life events or experienced those events in the same way. Daters in their 50’s may have been through divorce, the death of a spouse, heartache or so many other situations that put them back into the dating world. Be open and available to new people with a wide variety of life experiences.

Career and Income

Dating in your 50’s means that you are more likely to have a stable career with disposable income and find daters who are in the same situation. This stability means more opportunity to experience new adventures that might have been unavailable in your 30’s or 40’s because of other financial responsibilities. Most daters in their 50’s are going to have a better understanding of their work/life balance and know what they can bring to the table. This means you can both be honest about your expectations.

Family Life

Dating in your 50’s most likely means that you have grown children or don’t have children and never plan to (there are exceptions to this however). This new freedom allows you to have more flexibility with your schedule and income since grown children no longer require the financial responsibility they once did. This also means that you or potential dates may have grandchildren that are a big part of your lives. Understanding your own responsibilities is important when dating, since you can relate to what your potential dates are experiencing, and similar family lives may be a way to bond with new dates.

Caring for Parents

Dating in your 50’s may also introduce you to potential dates who are caring for aging parents and have less availability with their schedules and disposable income because of these responsibilities. You should be open to these new relationships and understand if you have reservations about dating someone who has these responsibilities. Just as with dating in your 30’s and 40’s, it’s important to know what you are open to in your relationships.

Life Experiences

If you are dating in your 50’s, you are more likely to be recently divorced for the first or second time. If you have been through these experiences, you know the impact these previous relationships can have on your current. Be open about your life experiences, how it has impacted your dating life and what you are looking for. Do you ever want to get married again? Are you open to daters who never want to get married again? Are you just looking for companionship without a long-term commitment? It’s important to know how your life experiences have impacted what you want out of your future. Be open about this information with potential dates.


Dating in your 50’s means that you are more likely to have a set routine. Some people will be set in their schedules and not willing to budge, while others will easily incorporate a new person and a new routine in their lives. It’s important to know how willing you are to change your routine to welcome a new person in your life. At the same time, you may have certain expectations about things you want to stay the same. There’s nothing wrong with this, it just needs to be communicated to possible daters. Routines can lead to less spontaneity and surprise in your life in your 50’s, so it’s a good idea to know if you are open to someone who likes to experience new activities on a whim. Some potential dates in their 50’s may see this decade in their lives as a time to experience new and exciting things. Just know what you are willing to be open to.

Dating in your 50’s is much different than previous decades. Your responsibilities and priorities in life may have drastically changed. You may value family over your social life. It’s important to know what you want out of your dating experiences, whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, companionship or something else. A local matchmaker can help you identify these dating goals for your 50’s, and match you with others who are looking for the same thing. A match maker can give you an outside perspective on dating in your 50’s and pair you with a similar match, which could be the love of the rest of your life.


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