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Another spring is upon us. Time to break out the grill. To turn on the baseball. Inevitably, time to turn your thoughts toward love. Maybe it’s the daylight savings time, or the warmer weather, or the greening up of the hiking trails. Whatever the reason, spring is the most romantic season.The question is, how do you meet someone special in today’s busy world? You’ve got a lot going on, and finding the time and energy for romance can be a challenge.

The job, the mortgage, the dishes. Maybe the check engine light is on in your car and you don’t have time to take it to the mechanic. Maybe one of your Bradford pears split in the last overnight freeze and you have to call someone to take it down.
It’s always something .
It never ends. Does this sound familiar? You wake up and open the paper and see nothing but bad news. Explosions overseas, squabbles overhealth care, state budgets are shrinking. Your gas tank’s empty, but you know you’ve got enough to get to work, so you’ll run on empty for another morning. At work, your phone is ringing off the hook, you’ve got papers stacked waist-deep, and Outlook messages keep popping up on screen like a fireworks display.
Meanwhile, you’re out of groceries, your dog is whining at the door, someone keeps calling to sell you mortgage insurance, and your college basketball team didn’t get so far in this year’s tournament.Taxes are due soon, and taxes are not sexy. Not sexy at all. Imagine, all this without a special someone in your life. At the end of these days, the dating game is probably the last thing on your mind. Are you really going to rediscover romance after you’ve tried to decipher your employer’s new health plan?

Meeting someone is tough, especially in today’s world

Dating can be a real disaster, especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship. So many people are just looking to party that it can be a real challenge to weed through the scene and find someone special.
The first problem you run into is that everywhere you go, it seems like everyone’s already in a relationship. Your neighbors, your co-workers, people at church or in clubs. It seems like they’re everywhere, so where are the single people to begin with?
You might try a bar, but even now that smoking has been banned that scene gets old in a hurry. Same old faces, same tired songs on the jukebox, and after a few cobweb mornings you might just decide it’s easier to stay home.
Then there’re the blind dates. You know how those go. Your friends are well-meaning and think, “Hey, he’s single. She’s single. Let’s fix them up!” So you end up playing 20 questions over Chilean sea bass and sharing an overpriced dessert. You start to feel like you’re living through an episode of Seinfeld and are grateful when the evening ends.

man and woman on golf courseWe’re living on Earth 2.0 right now, so the next step might be some kind of online service, but those can be problematic. Anyone can get online, without a screening process,and who knows how those profiles have been embellished. A woman might wonder if the man she’s communicating with is really interested in a relationship, or just hunting a one-night stand. A man might wonder if the woman is really as adventuresome as she says she is. Or maybe the person is six states away .

It should come as no surprise that the majority of relationship-seeking singles report it is tough to find a compatible mate. If you’re single and looking to fall in love this spring,what can you do?


There is an easier way, right here in the local dating scene

Economists will tell you that the best way to manage your time and resources is to streamline and outsource.
We hire accountants to do our taxes. We have mechanics work on our cars. We hire managers to control our mutual funds. If only there was a way to out source the hassle of finding love.
Fortunately, there’s a professional service for just that. It Takes 2 is a Richmond-based matchmaking service for people who are over the old games of bars and blind dates.Owner Carrie Daichman has a gift for matchmaking, and in 1998 she founded ItTakes 2 in Richmond’s West End. “People often come to me feeling disappointed with the dating scene,” she said. “Finding love today is difficult, especially if you’ve just relocated or are re-entering the dating scene.
“Carrie’s clients have discovered that using a third party to meet someone truly is easier.”We have clients who have no trouble at all landing a date,” she said. “But perhaps they’re not able to set aside the time to look. We all know how busy people are. And It Takes 2is very protective. With our personalized service, your profile and photo aren’t circling around in cyberspace.”Plus, It Takes 2 is a local service, so you won’t spend time weeding out e-mails from Cleveland or Des Moines or wherever.

“Basically everyone’s goal is the same—to find the right person, the right fit,” Carrie said. “After all, a close relationship is one of life’s greatest experiences.”

“Finding love today is difficult, especially if you’ve just relocated or are re-entering the dating scene.”

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