Frequently Asked Questions about our Matchmaking and Dating Services

Our most commonly asked questions are answered below. Click to view.

How do I begin?

The first step of the process is just a conversation! We offer a no-cost, discreet, and confidential consultation. We’ve been matching for more than 20 years and we would love to invite you in, sit down with you, and find out what you’re looking for, discuss what has and has not worked in the past, find out about your deal breakers, and determine your social goals.

We’ll also administer 2 short personality assessments that were developed by a marriage counselor, to assist in our compatibility matching.

How will I be matched?

Your experienced matchmaker will hand-select introductions for you based on the information we discuss in your consultation and our award winning matching ability! Following your first introduction, your feedback is critical to ensuring that we are honing in on the best matches for you!

How will you introduce me to someone?

Once we select a match for you we will send you an introduction to the individual with whom you are matched and we will send your match an introduction to you.

  • We offer complete confidentiality and we only give out your first name and phone number
  • We never reveal your last name, address, email address, or workplace
  • We will provide you with some information about your match to get the conversation rolling between the two of you
  • We tell you about shared hobbies and interests that you have with your match

What will happen after my date?

Following each introduction, whether or not you decide to continue seeing that person, we ask that you provide us with feedback, which allows us to fine tune our matchmaking process for you. Feedback is pivotal to your success and ours!

How does a matchmaker differ from online matchmaking sites?

It Takes 2 takes pride in getting to know each and every client. We meet each individual face to face and screen them, in order to verify that they are correctly representing themselves before we introduce them to you. We also use a personality assessment developed by a marriage counselor to help us understand your values.

Outsourcing the search for compatible, like-minded individuals makes far more sense to most busy singles than investing their own hours and energy than can better be spent elsewhere. The average online dater invests 6.5 hours into their search before they even meet one person!

Why is It Takes 2 the best choice?

The quality of service at It Takes 2 speaks for itself. We have consistently been named the Best Dating Service in Richmond. We offer a personalized service, beginning with the first time you call us to set up your no-cost consultation and we guarantee that you will always speak with us directly, rather than being routed to a call center in another state, as you often would with franchise dating services.

We also guarantee that you will be matched by a person, not an algorithm. We have been locally owned and operated since 1998; our proven, one of a kind approach to matchmaking is why we are the oldest and largest matchmaking service in Virginia!

When do you take appointments?

We cater to busy singles, with varying schedules. We offer afternoon and evening appointments, Monday through Friday, to accommodate your busy life.

I’m busy. Can our appointment be done over the phone?

We are extremely personalized and our commitment to offering the highest quality of service requires us to meet each and every client face to face. Individuals who are sincere about addressing this part of their life and achieving their social goals are willing to invest 90 minutes of their time. The consultation is of no cost to you and it is a mutual investment of time on your part and ours. Dating is done in person; meeting the client during the matchmaking process is also best done in person.

How many members of the opposite sex are in my area?

While our database changes on a daily basis, we do have thousands of male and female clients throughout Central Virginia.

I’m nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before!

Everyone who walks through our doors is doing this for the first time too. There’s no need to be nervous- as one of our clients put it, “Sitting down for a consultation is like sitting down with an old friend.”

Do I have to be a “professional”?

The common thread amongst our clients is that they are all busy singles. All demographics are represented by our clientele; our clients range from skilled tradesmen to professionals at the top of their game to retirees. Oftentimes, our clients are thriving in their professional lives, and therefore, they do not have time to dedicate to searching for compatible singles. Many of our clients appreciate the opportunity to take control and outsource this part of their lives – we work full time to address your social goals!

Am I too young/old?

You have to be at least 21, and the ages of our clients range from 21 to 91 years young.

Can you match me?

The best way to determine whether you are a good fit, is for you to come in and chat with us. That is the most effective way for us to find out more about who you are and what you are looking for. After we have gathered sufficient information, we can give you an honest, educated answer. One size does not fit all and we are committed to treating our clients as individuals.

How much does it cost?

Based on the conversation you have with your matchmaker, if she feels confident in her ability to match you and you both think it is a good fit, then she will present you with a number of options. You can then choose an option that works best for you and best fits your budget.

Call us today to schedule your no-cost consultation. (804) 967-9911