Headhunter For Love

Today when information flies into cyberspace at unimaginable speed, there is one professional in Virginia who understands the need for the opposite approach. In 1998, Carrie Daichman founded It Takes 2 based on decidedly human skills: talking and listening, face-to-face, one-on-one.

Her approach has paid off. “We have a track record of success, I am happy to say,” she remarked from her pleasant Glen Allen office situated in a manicured office park in Innsbrook. “Because we have the skills to do the job, our clients have recommended us to others and we continue to grow.”

Maximizing the chances of finding love cannot be easy, despite what the avalanche of advertising on-line dating sites would have us believe.

There is no reason for me to point out why we are better than on-line sites,” said Carrie thoughtfully. “It’s fairly obvious. It Takes 2 provides completely personalized service. Our clients are attractive, single, successful people and many are very high-powered — such as one of our newest clients, a dignified Virginia gentleman with an interesting situation. He owns a major business and is a collector and a connoisseur. While he is approaching the age where he is considering downsizing his business commitments, he also has young children. Naturally, he is completely devoted to them, but with the wisdom of time, he realizes the importance of love in his life. What else is interesting is that he is open-minded. By that I mean, he is looking for a truthful relationship, one built on aff̀ection and mutual respect, not on years.”

Would there be a chance to chat with this special client, to gain his perspective on
It Takes 2?
“Of course — I’m speaking with his knowledge and permission. Confidentiality is totally guaranteed here,” she observed.
A few minutes later, the client answered from his country estate.
“Carrie is a delight and she is absolutely right when she describes my situation,” he confirmed with a laugh. “I am looking for someone who can appreciate the lifestyle I can provide. Thanks to my private jet, I am able to travel with my children during school breaks. The type of woman who would be interested in my life would not only be warm and affectionate, but educated, sophisticated, and have the energy to keep up with my active children. I honestly feel that Carrie can do a better job at finding someone than I can.”

After our conversation ended, Carrie sat quietly for a moment. “It’s important to realize that matters of the heart are to be taken seriously,” she said. “My job is to provide introductions for both people in the equation. One of the reasons we have succeeded despite a recession and the on-line sites is that we represent everyone very fairly. Mutual happiness is my goal.” The It Takes 2 process starts with a consultation — complimentary, of course, followed by an in-depth interview. “People must be ready to put in the work to look for love, such as the client we were just speaking with,” observed Carrie. “Like other successful people, he certainly understands that anything worth attaining requires effort.” Part of the process involves looking backward and forward.

“We begin to see the bigger picture of mistakes which may have been made in the past, so we can prevent them from reoccurring in the future,” explained Carrie. But it’s not simply people with previous relationships who seek out the services of It Takes 2. “People come to us for a variety of reasons: some are professionals, too busy to look; others may have been transferred and find themselves in a quandary about how to meet new people. Imagine how that must feel?” asked Carrie, ever attentive to emotions. “It does take courage to face change and to seek love.”
Fortunately, there is It Takes 2 to ease the way. “The human capacity for love is unchanging,” observed Carrie, “It Takes 2 is here to help.”


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