Love Keeps Us Alive

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“People have personal trainers, cleaning services and accountants — why not someone for finding a relationship?”

In our line of work, we can’t recession-proof love. Yet, love sure has kept us in business, says It Takes 2 Founder Carrie Daichman.

One would think that with the current state of the economy, a matchmaker would be the last thing someone would spend their discretionary income on – however – love has kept us alive, Daichman says. “Our services will continue to grow because no matter how tough life gets, we want to share our lives with people we love.”

In fact, many people have called on It Takes 2, a personalized introduction service that caters to professionals of all ages in Central Virginia, to do just that. Specifically, our goal is to create an environment for clients to meet other area individuals who share the same values, attitudes and relationship goals, Daichman said.

“We make a relationship a priority for our clients,” she explained. “People have personal trainers, cleaning services and accountants – why not someone for finding a relationship?”

Carrie Daichman founded It Takes 2 in 1998, in Innsbrook, and is still the only personalized service serving Central Virginia. She has more than 18 years experience in the dating services industry and even managed eight offices for a dating service in Michigan and Virginia. She provides a personalized, confidential service to people throughout Central Virginia. Making clients her full-time job allows them to continue to do what they love, while she works continuously for them.

Daichman questions the true ability of online dating services and the inability they have to work for you on a one-on-one basis.

“Although computers are great, they don’t have a heart.” As human beings, we can use intuitive sense and a personalized process to match profiles together based on compatibility, especially in regards to client’s personalities and attitudes about dating.

She considers her service like that of a recruiter. “I listen to my clients and then I search to find the profile of who they want to meet.”

By meeting with each of her clients, she feels she adds to her success rate. “It’s truly personalized, unlike other dating options available.”

She asks a series of questions, including the person’s past dating history, their personality traits and the traits they want in a mate. By listening to the clients and identifying where things went wrong in past relationships, she can tell if It Takes 2 will be able to assist them with their social goals.

The first meeting, what is known as the consultation, has no cost. This is the time where we go over a client’s short and long-term goals in respect to dating, Daichman said. We discuss their interests, religion, and smoking preferences, among other things.

“People express their fears and disappointments about dating,” she said. “I make them feel comfortable and that allows me to learn about them to find a match.”
Once all of the information is collected from the clients, she culls through her database of thousands and prepares the introduction.

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“I don’t micromanage the date,” she said. “I tell clients the first date is to determine if they want a second date. The goal is for people to go out and make a new friend. If things evolve, it will happen naturally.”

It is also important to note that we screen each client and protect their anonymity. A personal life is just that and should be kept personal and up to the discretion of the two people meeting as to how much information they would like to disclose. After each introduction, the client must provide feedback to help Daichman in her matchmaking. It is imperative clients know I am here to talk about their experience and keep them moving towards their goals.

Daichman’s definition of success is based on the goals of her clients. She does note that she is averaging two to three marriages a month. On the other hand, she said that for every success story, she loses two clients and has to continuously replenish the pool.

Although the economy is not doing so well, Daichman is not concerned about her business. We have seen a 23% increase and in addition to Charlottesville, have expanded into Waynesboro, Orange, and more. Why? Because in these times, people want to make it through with someone they love.

“That’s the best part of my job,” she said. “I love transforming lives by helping people find love.



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