Matchmaking Versus Online Dating

The idea of dating can be concurrently exciting and anxiety ridden. It gives us the chance to meet new people with the anticipation of finding love. Conversely, dating can be nerve-wracking and discouraging. Putting yourself “out there” after potentially years or decades of being removed from the dating scene can feel like a daunting exercise.  Today, due to the increasing number of dating sites, apps and services, it can be difficult to choose the right path for you.

 Exhilarating or Exhausting

Initially, it can be a fun and even exhilarating experience swiping through profile after profile. There’s the anticipation that at any moment your phone may get a buzz or ding from a potential match. After a while, constant swiping or clicking  becomes tedious and exhausting. As a result, you may get zero interest or more interest than you wish.

The ever growing number of online dating options can be overwhelming. Coupled with the lack of ability to verify the person to whom you are communicating, this can bring increased anxiety to your social life.

Matchmaking services work diligently to help you manage this social aspect of your life.  While many clients find the lifelong partners through these services,  others find that the decreased stress around their social life and skills learned through the matchmaking processes result in healthier relationships outside of the services.

Swiping Fatigue

Online dating is easy and only requires your computer and/or phone to be charged and connected to the internet. It is known for being convenient but can also become rather time-consuming. According to, it can take an average of nearly 11 hours of searching through profiles on dating sites before connecting and finding a date with someone. Much like most of the web surfing, these searches can be doing something for the sake of feeling like you are doing something, with little productivity to show for the efforts. Matchmaking is perfect for those who have busy schedules, because it’s an efficient and effective way to find a date and the process is completed by a matchmaker. This can save time and reduce stress around your social life.


The internet can be a dangerous place and is full of uncertainties when it comes to who is on the other end. Most matchmaking services have a trusted set of evaluation tools and an interview process to validate clients. With most dating sites or apps there usually isn’t much of a screening process and generally all you need is access to technology. Conversely, matchmaking is about partnership and uses feedback and accountability to develop your personal profile. This more personal relationship provides for more fulfilling dating experiences.


Clients who pay for matchmaking services tend to be more serious about finding a relationship and are more likely to be introduced to someone who is looking for a commitment.  Commitment is not customarily the nature of most online dating experiences. A common a phrase heard from online dating participants is, “I’m sorry, I’m just not looking for something serious right now.”

Matchmaking Service: It Takes 2

It Takes 2 is a matchmaking service in Central Virginia. The main goal of this service is “to create the best possible environment for our clients to meet individuals who share the same values, attitudes and relationship goals.”  There are many success stories from marriages to families built, as a result of introductions made at It Takes 2, which has been locally owned and operated for 20 years and looks forward to creating more success stories.

For more information, contact It Takes 2 by calling the Richmond office at (804) 967-9911 or Charlottesville at 1-434-977-9911. Also, you can contact It Takes 2 by sending an email to


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