The staff at It Takes 2 takes the time to get to know you as a person and develop an understanding of what you are looking for in a relationship.

We invite all of our potential clients into our office for a no-cost consultation that takes 90 minutes- 2 hours. During the consultation you will complete standard paperwork, take 2 proprietary personality assessments and then have the opportunity to meet with your matchmaker. You will work with your matchmaker to develop 2 profiles, one for yourself and one on the kind of person you are interested in dating.

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Relationship/Date Coaching

Are you having trouble getting a second date?

Are you struggling with moving forward in a relationship? Do you have a specific issue or question regarding your current relationship that you would like to discuss with an unbiased coach?

While you might have a friend or group of friends that you consult when it comes to your dating life, they may lack the ability to be non-biased when it comes to your social life.

A personal coach establishes who you are as a person and provides guidance to produce a positive impact on your dating life. Your coach wants you to succeed and will provide honest and constructive feedback. Scheduling a time to speak with your relationship coach allows you to review and evaluate your concerns from a third-party perspective.

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Do you want to update your look or style? First impressions are critical. A fresh look can help you be more confident and successful in many areas of your life. Let It Takes 2 and our strategic partners help you look your best.

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