The Bespoke Approach to Love


Custom-tailored, personal attention by  It Takes 2, has made Central Virginia the place of choice for introductions

“I have the best job in the world,” declares Carrie Daichman. “Bringing people together who might otherwise not have met— helping them find happiness.
That’s truly worth-while.”

Seated in her office suite in a manicured Innsbrook corporate park, the owner of It Takes 2 is chatting with a new client and she rings off with a smile.

“He’s an exceptional person in many ways,” she observes thoughtfully.
“Tremendously successful and a wonderful father to his young children, now he’s embarking on a search for a person to complete his life. With all his qualities, he will make someone very happy.”

Carrie’s enthusiasm prompted a question begging to be asked: how do people overcome hesitation and connect with her service?

“Whatever happened in the past that brings people to this moment—the time you choose to make things new—that has to be viewed as positive,” she says explaining the philosophy underlining her thriving business founded in 1998. “We work from a place of dignity and respect; our clients totally trust us—and with something so personal as emotions, that means a lot.”

Today, it seems impossible to avoid being bombarded by on-line dating sites.
How does a one-on-one, custom operation like It Takes 2 compete?

“Our clients are attractive, single, accomplished people who expect high-level personalized service,” explains Carrie. “Plus, we insure complete confidentiality.
Your personal information is not vulnerable to exposure in some endless cyber-space orbit.”

Reaching out is a big step. How does a person begin?
“By being ready!” exclaimed Carrie. “Seriously, that’s a big part of succeeding. Reaching out for love does take courage. The gentleman I was speaking with earlier told me, ‘I realize you can do a better job finding somebody than I can.’ Of course, that’s very flattering, coming from someone on his level, but I understand what he’s saying. He has accomplished amazing things in his life, and he places a strong value on companionship. As he approaches the time when he’s considering downsizing his business demands, he’s making room in his life for another person. Just as he seeks the highest quality in his various interests and collections, he’s asked us to help him
find a special person— affectionate, educated, sophisticated—who appreciates his lifestyle and with whom he can share the rest of his life.”

The mention of age brings up an interesting question: how do they make matches—do they place like only with like?

“A heart that loves is always young,” Carrie answers without missing a beat. “That being said, we start the process by listening. That’s one of the first things I discovered. It’s so important that we really get to know our clients. That way, we make introduction suggestions based on real qualities. And—this is very important— we offer guidance so clients don’t repeat the same mistakes as in previous relationships, which can be difficult to avoid. Some clients come to us because they’ve been transferred or too busy to look for a relationship. We help them too.”

Looking outside the window on the sunny afternoon, Carrie continues. “Basically,
I’m searching for a wonderful fit, but I always look beyond the obvious. For instance, going back to the client I was speaking of—he’s a very custodial person, very physically active with his children, a great traveler with his own plane.
A woman with sophisticated interests—and a good sense of humor and
stamina— will be interested in being a part of that,” said Carrie.

Thanks to their dedication and uncompromising standards It Takes 2’s success has not gone unnoticed by those in the know.

“I’m grateful for many recommendations our clients give us—and for the opportunity to use our skills,” says Carrie, the ringing telephone bearing witness to her popularity. “People find each other for a reason; I am always delighted to be part of that reason.”


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