Women’s Fashion for Dating

The perfect date has been planned with your very own Prince Charming, but your closet is not ready for the night. It’s important to make the best first impression , and while clothes do not define you, they do add to your appearance. Your date is most likely going to judge your appearance in the first few minutes (men are visual creatures), so it’s important to look your best, nail your first impression and then sparkle him with your amazing personality. After all, who wouldn’t love you!

Dress for the Occasion

It’s important to dress based on the date. Figure out the environment (be confident in confirming his upfront) whether it’s casual or more formal so you can dress accordingly. Should you wear jeans or does the date call for something fancy? Pick your outfit based on the occasion. Are you meeting for coffee or an afternoon lunch date? A casual date calls for nice jeans or a casual skirt, a blouse or sweater, dress boots, flats or sandals, depending on the weather. You want to look nice but don’t overdo it. Wear something comfortable but flattering. Wear makeup but just enough to keep it natural. You don’t want to look like you were painted on for your first date. The ultimate goal is to look like you just threw this on, even if you “threw on” 20 outfits before you decided on this one.

For a night out on the town, consider the venue, how much you will have to walk and dress for the weather. All of these factors should go into deciding your outfit. For an evening that requires a little more dress-up, add a nice piece of jewelry or accessory to your outfit. Wear something a little more fancy, but make sure you are comfortable. You want to be able to easily walk and eat (oh and breathe!) in your outfit.

If you have a post work drinks date without time to run home and change, pick an outfit that is appropriate for work but not too stuffy for your date. You can always add a dress jacket for work that can be taken off for your date. A sleeveless dress or blouse pairs well with dress slacks and heels that are appropriate for the office but will work well for your drink date.

Be You

When dressing for the evening, be true to yourself and your personality. You are not 9 years old playing dress-up or a celebrity walking the red carpet. You don’t need to dress in a formal gown to win over your date or wear more makeup than normal. Be you. Are you often complimented on a specific color when you wear it? Well,wear that color on your first date. Pick a style that highlights your features and accentuates your body without overwhelming it. Aim for sexy but modest. You want to be confident and sexy, but remember this is a first date and you want to send the right message.

The Essentials

Every girl needs wardrobe essentials to be ready for any first date scenario. Always have a flattering pair of dark jeans, a midi-skirt and versatile blouse and a little black dress that will work for many different occasions. Be prepared for different environments by having a nice sweater or flattering cardigan. You will need a variety of shoes, including a pair of flats and a pair of dressy boots or heels. Aim for comfort and confidence in your dating essentials.

Sending the Right Message

A first date is the right time to leave the best first impression. One part of that is picking an outfit that not only fits the occasion but makes you feel confident and sends the right message. Wear something that fits your personality but will also catch his eye. Be sexy but don’t overdo it. You want your date to love the way you look but also be interested in what you have to say. Avoid going on a shopping spree and buying outfits that you would never wear. It’s always good to be adventurous with your style, but you want to maintain your own personality and not be something you aren’t.

Let the Professionals Help

Many dating services have style coaches that can assist in picking out the best outfits for your first dates, choosing styles that highlight your best features and colors that complement you. Let the pros help choose go-to outfits for first dates that will always make you look great and you will feel confident in. The pros can help with your closet essentials, preparing you for any first date (or second) that comes along. This extra step can help calm your nerves and impress your date with a great first impression. Leaving out the hassle can let you focus on being you and letting the best parts of yourself shine through.



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